Equity in Education Now!

A student’s future shouldn’t be determined by their zip code.

Equal Opportunity for Every Student

As a mother of two kids who go to public schools, I am incredibly grateful to the teachers and staff who work tirelessly to give our children a great education. I also know that our schools constantly face tough decisions as their budgets get spread thinner every year.

Right now, my family, and so many others in CO-3, are sending their kids to schools that can only afford to stay open for 4 days a week, and can’t even afford air conditioning in the hot summers here. I believe that’s unacceptable. Because so much school funding comes from local property taxes, the students in the communities that need the most support are actually going to the least funded schools. It’s time for that to change.

Here in Colorado, it’s nearly impossible for state and local governments to raise the funding our schools desperately need. As a member of Congress, I’d fight for federal action to guarantee opportunity for all students — regardless of ZIP code:

  • Eliminate the high stakes testing requirement for Federal grants
  • Fully funding Title I, part A and IDEA
  • Funding community schools which offer greater wrap around services
  • Making sure no student ever goes hungry

Higher Education for All

Going to college is a choice. Not every student will choose to go to college, but the cost of accessing a college education should never be the reason why. Too many young people decide that a college education isn’t in the cards because of the debt they might incur as a result. When students do graduate from college with debt, they face a competitive job market and may spend decades paying off their student loans. 

If we want a thriving economy, we absolutely must eliminate the massive burden of crushing student debt. We should create an economy where young people can comfortably buy a home and start a family without having to consider paying off six-figures of debt. Which is why I support:

  • Universal student loan forgiveness
  • Expanding Pell Grant eligibility
  • Making community colleges tuition-free
  • Working towards making all public colleges tuition-free


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