Healthcare is a Human Right!

A healthcare system that people can actually use.

We need to change the system.

Healthcare is a human right, not a business opportunity. We need to take power back from the private insurance companies. We need universal healthcare.

As a mother of two young children, I know the pain of finding out that my health insurance won’t cover the cost of seeing a pediatrician, or having to pay a massive medical bill out of pocket because my provider isn’t “in network.”

But I know I’m not alone.

1 out of every 10 residents in the CO-3 are completely uninsured, and 1 in 4 residents were unable to pay some or all of their family’s medical expenses.

No one should be forced to choose between life-saving medical treatment and bankruptcy. No one should have copays and out-of-pocket deductibles so high that they can’t afford to go to the hospital or emergency room. 

It’s time that corporations stop profiting from our illnesses. We must expand public healthcare and give the people a stronger position at the bargaining table.

Mental Health and the Opioid Epidemic

Over 1 in 8 District 3 residents needed mental health services, but did not receive the counseling they needed. 

The high cost of their deductible is often the reason people can’t get the counseling or psychiatric help they need. 

In addition to helping people get basic mental healthcare, we need to tackle this opioid epidemic once and for all. 

52% of people living in CO-3 say that opioid addiction is still a problem in their community. We need to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable and make them help pay for the cost of rehabilitation services. 

We must limit or eliminate high deductibles for mental health services and provide additional Federal support to community mental health and rehabilitation clinics more accessible to the people who need it. 

Mental healthcare is healthcare.


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